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Filmed concerts and portraits



From Sinik's portrait to Katerine's latest tour, the FCM invites you to its film viewings, on Thursday, Friday and Saturday, the 17th, 18th and 19th, at 05:30pm in the Museum Auditorium.
Film showings will be followed by meetings with the directors and artists.

Free entry with invitation, to be picked up at the festival ticket office.

Thursday, April 17th:
05:30pm: Alain Bashung : "Bashung (s)"
06:30pm: Sinik : "Sinik : 1980 - 2007"

Friday, April 18th:
05:30pm: Zazie : "Zazie à Bollywood"
06:30pm: Tiken Jah Fakoly : "Tiken Jah Fakoly, Viens voir."

Saturday, April 19th:
05:30: Philippe Katerine : "Border Live"

"BASHUNG (S)"  (length: 52')


In the presence of François Bertrand, producer.

Producer: Camera Lucida Productions
Director: Dominique Gonzalez-Foerster
Publisher / Soundtrack: Barclay / Universal
Distributor: Planète
FAM Aid: 30000€

"During the creation of the giant screens that served as the backdrop for Alain Bashung's 2003/2004 "Les Grands Espaces" tour, Dominique Gonzalez-Foerster discovered a multi-faceted artist ? rocker, author, musician, actor ? constantly evolving in different directions. In large part with the help of different people close to Alain Bashung (Pierre Lescure, Jean Fauque, Olivier Cadiot, Rodolphe Burger), she wished to explore the many faces of this successful-yet-enigmatic figure, jumping between his different worlds.
This documentary aims to be one artist's singular perspective of another, plural artist."

"SINIK : 1980-2007"  (length: 52')

SINIK : 1980-2007

In the presence of Sinik, Jean-Marie Antonini
et Nabil Hamafouche, producers.

Producers: C4 Productions / Six-O-Nine
Director: Clément Chabault
Soundtrack: Six-O-Nine
Publisher: Universal BMG Publish. / 609 PUBL. / Maryland
Distributor: M6 Music Black
FAM Aid: 19800€

"This documentary is an introduction to the artist Sinik. With each and every one of his texts, he shakes up, surprises and questions his fans. At the age of 27, he's already an urban icon, a musical pillar. But besides his success and his talent, we get a chance to meet the man face to face, to dig down deep inside of him and get to know everything from his pain to his passion to always come out on top."

"ZAZIE À BOLLYWOOD"  (length: 52')


Producer: Program 33
Directors: Laurent Thessier et Thierry Gautier
Soundtrack: Mercury / Universal
Publisher: La Zizanie / PABM / Philippe Paradis
Distributor: France 5
FAM Aid: 25000€

"To accompany the release of her latest album, Zazie went to India with Didier Le Pêcheur to make a musical ? or rather, ten or so Bollywood-style videos. More than a simple making of, this documentary gives artistic, human, cultural and even economic insight into this inaugural voyage to India."

"TIKEN JAH FAKOLY, VIENS VOIR."  (length: 52')


In the presence of Tiken Jah Fakoly, Jessy Notola, director,
Gilles Le Mao, producer, and Sophie Gros, manager.

Producers: La Huit Production / Barclay
Director: Jessy Nottola
Soundtrack: Barclay / Universal
Publisher: Sony
Distributor: RFO et CFI
FAM Aid: 30000€

"Tiken Jah Fakoly, Ivoirian reggae star, is in the process of making L'Africain, the eighth album in a career that kicked off at the beginning of the 90s. After two gold records, he's come to a turning point in his career: he needs to make his voice, the voice of Africa, heard around the world. Because Tiken Jah sings about the African reality: immigration, politics, war, excision. But he also sings about an enchanted Africa, far from misery and Western clichés. From Bamako, where he resides, to London and Paris, where the album is produced, we follow him through to the reconciliation concert in Abidjan, where he returns after five years in exile."

"BORDER LIVE"  (length: 90')


In the presence of Gaetan Chataigner, director,
Alan Gac, producer, and Thierry Goron, director of photography.

Producers: Borderline Films / Barclay
Director: Gaetan Chataigner
Publisher / Soundtrack: Barclay / Universal
Distributor: Ciné Cinéma Culte
FAM Aid: 27000€

"Dear Gaetan,
I'm writing you to let you know just how much the film you made during our tour touched me. It's crazy ? you were the band's bassist, absolutely inside the machine, and yet, you were able to capture the spirit, the smells, the blood of the thing as if you had been observing from the sidelines. That's what I love the most about it, this ability to be there, and to not be there. Absence, presence. Presence, Absence. I cut, I add. I add, I cut. I love it.
Philippe Katerine."