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Le Printemps' Favorites

Festivals in Europe

Moers Festival
Moers (Germany), May 9th - 12th 2008

Barcelona (Spain), June 19th - 21st 2008

Rock Werchter
Werchter (Belgium), July 3rd - 6th 2008

Roskilde Festival
Roskilde (Denmark), July 3rd - 8th 2008

Turku (Finland), July 6th - 8th 2008

Montreux Jazz Festival
Montreux (Switzerland), July 4th - 19th 2008

Exit Festival
Novi Sad (Serbia), July 10th - 13th 2008

Benicassim - FIB festival
Benicassim (Spain), July 17th - 20th 2008

Dour Festival
Dour (Belgium), July 17th - 20th 2008

Les Francofolies de Spa
Spa (Belgium), July 17th - 21st 2008

Paléo Festival
Nyon (Switzerland), July 22nd - 27th 2008

Sziget Festival
Budapest (Hungary), August 11th - 18th 2008

Amsterdam Dance Event
Amsterdam (Holland), October 23rd - 25th 2008

Dates to be confirmed

Iceland Airwaves Music Festival
Reykjavik (Iceland), dates to be confirmed

Festivals in France

La Route du Rock
Saint Malo, February 22nd & 23rd 2008

Marmande, April 4th - 6th 2008

Clermont-Ferrand, May 29th - June 7th 2008

Le Rock dans tous ses Etats
Evreux, June 27th & 28th 2008

Les Eurockéennes
Belfort, July 4th - 6th 2008

Les Francofolies
La Rochelle, July 11th - 16th 2008

Les Vieilles Charrues
Carhaix, July 17th - 20th 2008

Festival Interceltique de Lorient
Lorient, August 1st - 10th 2008

Pantiero Festival
Cannes, August 8th - 10th 2008

Rock en Seine
dates to be confirmed

Trans Musicales
Rennes, December 4th - 06th 2008


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Electro, hip hop and world music-oriented webzine, featuring columns, articles and interviews on the latest in the music world.

A webmag covering the latest in culture and music, devoted to rock, electro, hip hop, jazz, world music and more.

Concert and Co
Schedule of concerts in France. On the site, you can search concerts by region, city or group, and check out listings of festivals, album reviews and concerts.

The focus here is on records, artists and labels along with the live shows and festivals taking center stage these days.

A music webmag featuring album reviews, news on the latest in the music world, and a thorough schedule of concerts and festivals.

Info Concert
A review with loads of concert listings. Selection by region, city, date or artist. CD reviews, concert write-ups, a newsletter and links.
The latest cultural news, 30 000 music and cinema articles, videos, mp3s, downloads, clips, previews, film excerpts, interviews and more.

Longueur d'Ondes
A webmag on the latest in music and chanson française with articles, news and more.

A very thorough site devoted to world music, featuring artists, schedules, interviews, directories and more.

Music Actu
Up-to-the-minute music news, listed by genre.

Only for DJ's
The #1 mag for DJ culture.

The review for music labels.

The best in rock radio !

Music news and directory of music sites.
The best in Reggae Dancehall. All the latest on the reggae, dancehall, raga, dub and uk scenes. Features a schedule of reggae concerts and festivals, as well as videos, mixes and more.

Rock One
Independent rock webzine and webradio.

Rock'n France
French rock portal and directory.
All about ska, punk, chanson française and alternative rock, with daily news, CD reviews, concert write-ups and in-depth reports to help you keep up with the alternative music scene!

A music portal where groups, artists and labels are invited to give the low-down on their productions.

Online Music

De La Music
A music directory where you can read up on the music world, listen and buy online.

Musique pro
A music site featuring talented new faces and news on the French music scene (concerts, audio and video excerpts). Online purchasing possible.

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Festivals Aoste
This group aims to partner all of the Festivals de France. The site is full of concert news, with the possibility of winning tickets.

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